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Why Do We Choose Faith Over Science? …or Do We?

Have you ever seen the old popular TV show called, Kids Say the Darndest Things? It was really funny. Kids also ask some of the most important questions. Interestingly, we find ourselves asking some of those questions even as we get older. Such as… Why do we believe in God? Why do we trust the Bible? Why is there so much pain in the world? In this series, we are going to honestly and biblically address some of these very important questions. We will have our faith strengthened and our hearts reassured as we learn some of the beautiful truths God has revealed to us in His Word and in His creation.

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Pastors Eddie and Jessica Cole

Eddie and Jessica Cole

Our lead pastors, Eddie and Jessica Cole have had a heart for Hampton Roads for many years.  While dating – more than 25 years ago! – they were visiting Jessica’s parents in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake and started dreaming about planting a church in the area. 

It wasn’t until 2020, while Eddie was serving as a denominational Vice President in Minneapolis, that it became clear God was calling them to take a big leap of faith.  They had helped others plant churches for years – now God began to confirm it was their turn. Within months they knew the time had arrived, they were supposed to plant the church they dreamed about in Hampton Roads. 

Throughout their entire relationship, they have been doing ministry together. Most of this time was spent leading Salem Church in Staten Island, New York, and doing regional and national denominational work. 

They are known for their passion for helping people experience the love and power of God. They have committed themselves to use all their God-given resources to help as many people as possible joyfully embrace and fulfill God’s purpose in their life. 

Eddie earned a Doctorate in Ministry from Dallas Theological Seminary and has two Master’s Degrees from Liberty Theological Seminary. Jessica is a graduate of Gateway Theological Institute and has a Bachelor of Science in Religion from Liberty University, as well as a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership from the Liberty University School of Business.  

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